WuHan HuaSweet will finish the 1000T capacity of neotame

Time:2014-12-16 10:22:19

The tenth anniversary celebration of WuHan HuaSweet was held successfully in Gedian Development Hubei province on Nov. 10th, 2014. It means that HuaSweet Company had finished the 1000T capacity of neotame to invest. The China association of food additives and ingredients Mr. Xue Yi and Mr. Hu Guohua also attend this event. There are nearly 300 person to take part in our event, and including sweeteners authority of the academic and theoretical circle both at home and abroad and from all over the country more than 200 producing enterprises, trading enterprises. The events was held successfully, also means that the second neotame manufacturer was born in world.

WuHan HuaSweet is a professional manufacturer of neotame and supply the whole sweet solution enterprise; We are not the only first one to passed the QS in China, but also the main drafting for national standard of neotame. It means that WuHan HuaSweet is a exclusively legal enterprise to produce neotame in China at present. The patent of NutraSweet will expire until 2018, but HuaSweet owns the neotame process invention patent on 2010 year, and also has other application patent, so our patent will not constitute an infringement on NutraSweet Company, it will be legal. What’s more, the 1000T capacity of HuaSweet has finished to invest smoothly, it will be become the largest neotame production base in world. HuaSweet’s neotame completely conform to GB29944, JECFA, USP36, FCCVII standard. And We had passed the certificate of ISO9001、ISO22000、KOSHER、HALAL.

The CEO of WuHan HuaSweet Co., Ltd Mr. Xie Xinchun said, HuaSweet has fine advantages, they are both the research and development、raw material of neotame、the scale of neotame production、the application of neotame and strategic partner. Now HuaSweet has finished the ten years strategy development project; so in the next decade, HuaSweet will take full advantage of these superiority to make the largest raw material production base, the largest neotame production base and the largest neotame application production bases.

The China association of food additives and ingredients Mr. Xue Yi and Mr. Hu Guohua said, we are congratulated WuHan HuaSweet become the first legal neotame manufacturer in China, and hope that the future of WuHan HuaSweet will become better and better.

The Present of WuHan HuaSweet Co., Ltd Ms Yan Xiaoqun said, WuHan HuaSweet is a sense of mission and worth the company, our next dream will make our brand become the international sweetener company. HuaSweet will always focus sweetener, we believe that HuaSweet will become the best professional sweetener enterprise, and become the largest neotame manufacturer and the leader of sweet solution in world.

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  • FSSAI & FDA approval

    HuaSweet investment $34 million dollar to finish the capacity of neotame for 1000T

    After a review of 110 animal and human studies FDA found Neotame SAFE & approved NEOTAME as General Purpose Sweetener. In India FSSAI( Food Safety Standards Authority of India )Permits the Use of Neotame in Beverges and Soft Drink Concentrates. Read More...

  • Products

    HuaSweet has owned the craft national invention & application patents of neotame

    Huasweet has gained the Craft National Invention & application Patents of Neotame Huasweet fully complies with International standards such as EP, USP, FCC, JECFA, HACCP, KOSHER, ISO-22000: 2005, ISO9001, Sedex, Badat, Kosher, MUI Halal. Read More...

  • Application

    The whole process of quality control, PDCA cycle continuously improve product quality,meet customer satisfaction

    FDA approves Neotame as General Purpose Sweetener and so It is used globally in +2000 products .Neotame Taste is Sweet & Clean taste and No Bitter taste. Neotame Sweetness Cost is Less than Sodium Saccharin cost Read More...