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Sweetness Characteristic

Neotame is 7000-13000 times sweeter than sucrose, Because neotame’s chemical bonds which generate sweetness has amplifying effect, which leads to high degree sweetness. If neotame content is relatively high, the chemical bonds which generate sweetness will be close to each other, and their sweetness enhancing area will be overlapping, therefore affects the overall sweetness level, So high concentration of neotame will result in low sweetness level, conversely, low concentration of neotame will result in high sweetness level. For example, if the sweetness which neotame generates is as that of 2% sucrose solution, the sweetness that neotame generates will be more than 10000 times, if it is as that of 5% sucrose solution, the sweetness will be around 8000 times. According to the sweetness requirement of series of sweet products, neotame could be applied in different products, and generates 7000-13000 times of sucrose’ s sweetness, thus a great many documents describe neotame’s sweetness as a range of 7000-13000, not a certain number instead. Considering high sweetness products,with the mixture use of neotame will result in very ideal sweetness, and its excellent property is able to improve other sweeteners’ characters.


Neotame is stable in a dry place, and can be stored as long as 5 years in the condition of dry and room temperature, its monohydrate state do not absorb moisture. and thermal stability is better than aspartame, so suitable to use the methods of pasteurization and the instantaneous high temperature to sterilization, but it could be decomposed if it is in the condition of more than 120 degree for long time.

In the following table, neotame’s stability will change notably as PH and temperature changed in aqueous solution, its stability is similar to aspartame in condition of PH 3.0-5.5.In 0.1mol/L phosphate buffer, when PH stays 4.5, neotame’s half-life is 208 days in condition of 25 degree, while its half life will be reduced to 45days in condition of 40 degree. when PH is 3,neotame’s half-life is 77 days in condition of 25 degree, while its half life will be reduced to 22 days in condition of 40 degree, and 24 hours in condition of 80 degree. As to products needing neotame, can be applied to HTST sterilization. For example, as 80 degree,heating solution of PH 3 for 30 minutes will still keep 98.6% neotame, which indicates that neotame, which indicates that neotame do not run off actually. As to solution of PH 4.5, its stability is in the best state, as is in the PH range of yogurt,so neotame is very stable in yogurt. Its half-life is 14 days in condition of 25 degree and PH 7, and 3days in condition of 40 degree, 4 hours in condition of 80 degree.


Neotame can be used with a variety of reducing carbonyl compounds.Such as glucose, fructose, high fructose corn syrup, lactose, maltose, etc. They are used together without generatiing Maillard reaction.

Neotame can be used with a variety of flavors or flavor aldehyde-containing substances, such as vanillin, ethyl vanillin, cinnamic aldehyde, acid, citral, etc. Without the risk of common use of co-Schiff base reaction.Aldehyde compound with aspartame between the unsubstituted amino group, may produce undesirable co Schiff base reactions, neotame of N-substituted amino such a reaction does not occur.


Wuhan HuaSweet Co., Ltd located in the National Development Area of Gedian in Hubei Province, is the largest professional neotame manufacturer in China, providing sorts of overall sweetness solution.Huasweet is the first enterprise in China which own independent intellectual property right for neotame producing technique, and one of the main drafters of neotame national standard.

  • FSSAI & FDA approval

    HuaSweet investment $34 million dollar to finish the capacity of neotame for 1000T

    After a review of 110 animal and human studies FDA found Neotame SAFE & approved NEOTAME as General Purpose Sweetener. In India FSSAI( Food Safety Standards Authority of India )Permits the Use of Neotame in Beverges and Soft Drink Concentrates. Read More...

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    HuaSweet has owned the craft national invention & application patents of neotame

    Huasweet has gained the Craft National Invention & application Patents of Neotame Huasweet fully complies with International standards such as EP, USP, FCC, JECFA, HACCP, KOSHER, ISO-22000: 2005, ISO9001, Sedex, Badat, Kosher, MUI Halal. Read More...

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    The whole process of quality control, PDCA cycle continuously improve product quality,meet customer satisfaction

    FDA approves Neotame as General Purpose Sweetener and so It is used globally in +2000 products .Neotame Taste is Sweet & Clean taste and No Bitter taste. Neotame Sweetness Cost is Less than Sodium Saccharin cost Read More...