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Neotame represent the new generation of sweeteners, its appearance is white crystalline powder(or kernel), it is 7000-13000 sweeter than sucrose and the thermostable performance is better than aspartame, while just cost 1/3 of aspartame. On July 9,2002,US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approve that neotame could be used in various food and beverages, On March 10,2003,the Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China approved neotame as a new sweetener, the usage amount will depended on the detailed production process.

Product name: Neotame
Chemical name: N-[N-(3,3-Dimethy1buty1)-L-α-asparty1]-L-phenylalanine1-methy1 ester
English name: Neotame
Molecular formula: C20H30N2O5
Appearence: White crystalline powder
C.A.S No.: 165450-17-9
CNS: 19.019
INS: E961
Structural formula:

Product Feature

HuaSweet Manufacture and Supply 99.8% Pure Neotame with Quality Standards: FCC, USP, EP, IP, NF Grade, Jecfa& chinease standards.

HuaSweet Neotame is a Zero Calorie Diabetic Fit New Generation Sugar Substitute.

★ It is 8000 times Sweeter than Sugar( 1 kgs of Neotame = 8000 kgs of Sugar Sweetness ).
★ It is stable under high temperature.
★ Neotame is approved by WHO, FDA and FSSAI India
        • Neotame Sugar Profile is Stable.
        • Neotame has Sweet Clean Taste & No Bitterness.
★ Neotame is Cost effective than Sugar & Other High Intensity Sweeteners…Neotame is Cost effective than Sodium Saccharin
★No calories, safety metabolism and non-absorbent, which is edible for the diabetes, obese and phenylketonuria patients

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  • FSSAI & FDA approval

    HuaSweet investment $34 million dollar to finish the capacity of neotame for 1000T

    After a review of 110 animal and human studies FDA found Neotame SAFE & approved NEOTAME as General Purpose Sweetener. In India FSSAI( Food Safety Standards Authority of India )Permits the Use of Neotame in Beverges and Soft Drink Concentrates. Read More...

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    HuaSweet has owned the craft national invention & application patents of neotame

    Huasweet has gained the Craft National Invention & application Patents of Neotame Huasweet fully complies with International standards such as EP, USP, FCC, JECFA, HACCP, KOSHER, ISO-22000: 2005, ISO9001, Sedex, Badat, Kosher, MUI Halal. Read More...

  • Application

    The whole process of quality control, PDCA cycle continuously improve product quality,meet customer satisfaction

    FDA approves Neotame as General Purpose Sweetener and so It is used globally in +2000 products .Neotame Taste is Sweet & Clean taste and No Bitter taste. Neotame Sweetness Cost is Less than Sodium Saccharin cost Read More...